What our clients say


Steven Hammond, Captain - 'M/Y Nahlin'

 “Reid Yacht Services were our agent during our stay in New Zealand in 2013 / 14. I was very pleased with the service they provided and will use them again next time we are in NZ.” 

Sophie Gooch, Purser – 'M/Y Nahlin'

"2013-2014 - We recently ventured all the way across the Pacific, spending close to 6 months in Auckland. Reid Yacht Services were our agents from the moment we arrived until we left New Zealand.

Craig and Helen were most helpful with all requests in a fast and friendly manner from every department onboard, which helped us complete the yard period with ease! Thank you!!"


Nick Baldwin, Captain - 'S/Y Beagle'

"Reid Yacht Services has been the agent for the sailing yacht Beagle star V for many years. Reid's organises all our mail, phone cards , courier packages, fuel , dockage without any problems. They also have connections with a vast array of companies that are involved in the yachting industry which offer us a large discount, why would you use anyone else!"


Michel Personnic, Captain - 'S/Y Drumbeat'

“I have been dealing with Craig and the team at Reid Yacht Services since 2009 and have no hesitation in recommending them as a top yachting agent in Auckland! During my time in Auckland in 2009 and again for a large refit in 2013 -2014 I used them extensively for all our requirements Including immigration, dockage, fuel, communications, provisions and recruitment and have never been disappointed.

No matter what we asked of them, they always delivered and in this demanding industry it is both reassuring and a huge relief to have support you know you can rely on.

I cannot recommend the whole team highly enough and look forward to using their services again in the future.”  




Gregory Monk, Captain - 'S/Y Sarissa'


“Reid Yacht Services provided first class, efficient and reliable support during our three month visit to New Zealand in 2014. I can highly recommend Craig and his Team from Reid Yacht Services to any Superyacht requiring shore side support when visiting this beautiful part of the world.”





 Brett Kruger, Captain - 'S/Y Imagine'


“Imagine D has been based in the Pacific for the last 4 years since her launch The staff at RYS have been an invaluable part of our programme through support and logistics for the vessel. Their knowledge and understanding of what we require and how quick we needed certain things, and ability to make it happen smoothly can only be commended. I would highly recommend them to any vessel entering the Pacific or Asian waters."



Ross Haerle, Captain - ‘S/Y Bliss’


 "Whether in New Zealand or elsewhere in the Pacific, RYS has efficiently helped us by sourcing and delivering spare parts and cleaning materials. Helen has been a great help with providing local knowledge of suppliers and services as and when I have needed them, sometimes at short notice. I would unreservedly recommend Craig and all the team at RYS."  






Many thanks to all the great yachts and crew we have dealt with



 S/Y Adele 

 S/Y Alarife C 

 S/Y Alcanara 

 S/Y Alea 

 S/Y Alye Parusa 

 S/Y Anakena 

 S/Y Anasazi  Girl

 S/Y Andromeda La Dea 

 S/Y Angel 

 S/Y Antares III 

 S/Y Athena 

 S/Y Avalon 

 S/Y Basic Logic 

 S/Y Beagle V 

 S/Y Beecom 

 S/Y Blaze II 

 S/Y Bliss 

 S/Y Blue Gold 

 S/Y Blue Leopard 

 S/Y Bravura 

 S/Y Bris 

 S/Y Bristollian 

 S/Y Bucephalus 

 S/Y Capricorn 

 S/Y Cavu 

 S/Y Charlatan 

 S/Y Cheshire 

 S/Y Chimera 

 S/Y Clementina 

 S/Y Concerto 

 S/Y Constance 

 S/Y Coru Coru 

 S/Y Cotton Blossom 

 S/Y Cygnus Montanus 

 S/Y Dama de Noche

 S/Y Destination Fox Harbor 

 S/Y Dharma 

 S/Y Die Swaene 

 S/Y Dionysus 

 S/Y Dreamcatcher   

 S/Y Drumbeat 

 S/Y Drumbeg 

 S/Y Eclipse 

 S/Y Eleanora 

 S/Y Elvis the Gecko 

 S/Y Endeavour 

 S/Y Escapade 

 S/Y Escape 

 S/Y Ethereal 

 S/Y Fantastica 

 S/Y Far and Away

 S/Y Felicia

S/Y Foftein 

 S/Y Foreign exchange 

 S/Y G50 

 S/Y Galileo 

 S/Y Genevieve 

 S/Y Georgia 

 S/Y Ghost 

 S/Y Gigo 

 S/Y Gliss 

 S/Y Globana M 

 S/Y Golden Opus 

 S/Y Gran Finale 

 S/Y Gretel 

 S/Y Hanuman 

 S/Y Helios 

 S/Y Heroina 

 S/Y Hetairos 

 S/Y Imagine 

 S/Y Impression 

 S/Y In The Mood 

 S/Y Indio 

 S/Y Infinity 

 S/Y Inmocean 

 S/Y Intrigue 

 S/Y Ipanema 

 S/Y Ipixuna 

 S/Y Irishman 

 S/Y Jagare 

 S/Y Janice of Wyoming 

 S/Y Jess Sea 

 S/Y Juliet 

 S/Y Kaori 

 S/Y Kaweskar II 

 S/Y Kealoha 

 S/Y Kemmuna 

 S/Y Ki-Ama II 

 S/Y Kokomo

 S/Y Koo 

 S/Y Lady K 

 S/Y Licorne 

 S/Y Limitless 

 S/Y Limitless 

 S/Y Lochiel 

 S/Y Lot66 

 S/Y Mahina Tiare 

 S/Y Manu 

 S/Y Maria Cattiva 

 S/Y Marie 

 S/Y Matari 

 S/Y Matelot

 S/Y Maya Ray

 S/Y Medusa

 S/Y Merry Maid 

 S/Y Mirabella III 

 S/Y Mondango 

 S/Y Moonraker 

 S/Y Morgana 

 S/Y Morning Glory 

 S/Y Mustang 

 S/Y Mystere 

 S/Y Mystery 

 S/Y Naos 

 S/Y Nazenin 

 S/Y Nelson 

 S/Y Nephelle 

 S/Y Nikata 

 S/Y Nirvana 

 S/Y Nomadess 

 S/Y Ocealys

S/Y Ocean Free 

 S/Y Onghiara 

 S/Y Paraiso 

 S/Y Plum 

 S/Y Q5 

 S/Y Rapture 

 S/Y Red Dragon 

 S/Y Restless 

 S/Y Salperton 

 S/Y Salsy 

 S/Y Sapphire 

 S/Y Sarissa 

 S/Y Sassafras

 S/Y Savannah 

 S/Y Scarlet Muse 

 S/Y Sea Hawk 

 S/Y Sea Rose Star 

 S/Y Sea Shepherd 

 S/Y Sea Toy 

 S/Y Second Wind 

 S/Y Seljm 

 S/Y Serenity 

 S/Y Shamoun 

 S/Y Silandra 

 S/Y Silvertip 

 S/Y So Far 

 S/Y Song of the Sea 

 S/Y Spirit of Phantom 

 S/Y Squall 

 S/Y Storm 

 S/Y Sunday Morning 

 S/Y Symmetry 

 S/Y Takapuna

 S/Y Tamsen

 S/Y Thalia

 S/Y Tiara 

 S/Y Tirama  

 S/Y Titania of Cowes 

 S/Y Trumpter 

 S/Y Twirlybird V 

 S/Y Umatalu 

 S/Y Velacarina 

 S/Y Ventd"Est 

 S/Y Vesper 

 S/Y Virago 

 S/Y Vivid 

 S/Y Volpaia 

 S/Y Whatever 

 S/Y Whimsey 

 S/Y Whirlaway 

 S/Y Whirlwind 

 S/Y Wraith of Odin 

 S/Y Zefiro 

 S/Y Zerfira 

 S/Y Zerfiro 

 S/Y Zulu 

 S/Y Zulu II 

 M/Y Ad Lib 

 M/Y Adajio 

 M/Y Alani II 

 M/Y Alchemy 

 M/Y Alucia 

 M/Y Andiamo 

 M/Y Aquarius 

 M/Y Aquila 

 M/Y Arcadia 

 M/Y Aurora 

 M/Y Bacchus 

 M/Y Belle Aimee 

 M/Y Big Fish 

 M/Y Black Pearl 

 M/Y Blue Devil 

 M/Y Bombala 

 M/Y Bound to Last 

 M/Y Bravura 

 M/Y Bullish 

 M/Y Capricorn 

 M/Y Coi Koy 

 M/Y Columbus 

 M/Y Como 

 M/Y Crystal Lady 

 M/Y Cuneo 

 M/Y Dirona 

 M/Y Elandess

 M/Y Espiritu Santo

 M/Y Gloria Maris

 M/Y Hookem Up

 M/Y Horizon II 

 M/Y Houbara 

 M/Y Indi Jones 

 M/Y Iron Lady 

 M/Y Itasca 

 M/Y Karima 

 M/Y Kauhalekai 

 M/Y Kerri Lee 

 M/Y Kialoa 

 M/Y Kokomo 

 M/Y Lady Columbo 

 M/Y Lone Ranger 

 M/Y Lone Wolf 

 M/Y Lotus 

 M/Y Maverick 

 M/Y Medici 

 M/Y Mystery Ship 

 M/Y Nahlin

 M/Y New Paige 

 M/Y Northern Star 

 M/Y Ocean Victory 

 M/Y Oso Blanco 

 M/Y Pacific 

 M/Y Pelta 

 M/Y Plan B 

 M/Y Private Life 

 M/Y Relentless 

 M/Y Satu 

 M/Y Seawalker 

 M/Y Shandor 

 M/Y Sinbad 

 M/Y Sorcha 

 M/Y Southerly 

 M/Y StrikeOn 

 M/Y Sudami 

 M/Y Sunchaser 

 M/Y Suri 

 M/Y Surprise 

 M/Y T6 

 M/Y Tasman 

 M/Y Tatu 

 M/Y Tigre D'or 

 M/Y Tribu 

 M/Y Ubiquitous 

 M/Y Ulysses 

 M/Y Unforgettable 

 M/Y Valhalla 

 M/Y Valkyrie 




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